Sole Trader VAT Registered

Our sole trader VAT spreadsheet is designed to provide the easiest way to record your transactions for VAT purposes, recording the day-to-day sales and purchases, along with the relevant VAT, in the easiest way for your business.

It has the following sheets:

  Profit & Loss – for the entire year
  Sales – for each VAT quarter
  Purchases – for each VAT quarter
  Mileage – for the entire year

You will only need to enter information into the ‘Sales’ and ‘Purchases’ sheets of each transaction, along with VAT element, and ‘Mileage’ if you use your private vehicle within the company. The ‘Profit & Loss’ sheet updates automatically, without you needing to enter anything into it.

When you receive your version of the simple spreadsheet, you will need to work out your VAT quarters, and simply enter the transaction for each quarter (3 monthly period) into the correct tab on the spreadsheet. E.g. If you have a VAT quarter starting from the 1st April, enter the sales and purchases from the 1st April until the 30th June into the Sales Q1 and Purchases Q1 tabs on the spreadsheet. From the 1st July, you will then enter the information into the Sales Q2 and Purchases Q2 tabs, etc.

Please check our ‘How Simple It Is’ page for a demo, and you’ll see straight away how simple it really is!

Our simple book-keeping spreadsheet doesn’t need any expensive software to run, it simply runs on Google Docs, which is free, and can be accessed as long as you have an internet connection. We simply send you an email with the link, and you can start recording your sales and purchases from there.

Get access to our spreadsheet for just £40 per year, by clicking on this link:

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please feel free to call us on 01792 229944 or you can email our customer support at

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